MOSST Payments


Simple, smart and functional money transfer service


MOSST - the most mobile money transfers. It՚s no more necessary to know Recipient՚s card number to transfer money, mobile number, email or MOSST-tag are enough now.

PCI DSS Verified by VISA MasterCard SecureCode Visa MasterCard


Send money quickly and conveniently

Receive money transfers to a bank card

Easy whip-rounds

How it works


  • Transfer of funds without registration
  • Money transfer via site and iOS or Android apps
  • Money transfer in one minute
  • User-friendly interface


  • Any combination of bank cards issued in Ukraine can participate in a money transfer
  • You do not need to know Recipient’s card number
  • Money can be transferred by phone number, MOSST-tag or e-mail of the recipient


  • Biometric access protection to the application: by fingerprint and face recognition
  • PCI DSS v3.1 Level 2
  • Verified by VISA
  • MasterCard SecureCode
  • 3D Secure


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